Scheduled Cleaning in Temecula

Property and office managers in Temecula understand how much work goes into keeping a commercial building fresh and clean every day. Your internal staff may not have the time or resources necessary to complete every scheduled cleaning service on time, or to your high standards. Many businesses rely on janitorial companies to take care of these details for you. Janitorial Pros are leaders in our field. We guarantee forward-thinking solutions that are tailored to your specific targets, without crushing your budget.

Our focus on putting your needs first extends to customizing services to suit the specific requirements of your unique organization. We understand that no two companies are the same, and it takes more than a versatile, well-trained and well-equipped staff to get the job done right. We believe that communication is key. In the beginning, we will sit down with you to discover the challenges you face and the goals you’d like to see become a reality. By understanding exactly what it is you will need to keep your staff and clients safe, healthy and comfortable, we can put together a comprehensive cleaning service package that is one-of-a-kind because it has been built just for you.

To serve your needs better, we offer 24-hour scheduling including being the number one ‘cleaning service near me’ when you are in a pinch and need an emergency cleaning company. Book us for special business events, cleanups after holiday parties and annual celebrations to get your premises back in top shape— no matter what happens.

Intuitive Daily Cleaning Service

High traffic and high touch point areas will require daily cleaning services to keep fast-moving sicknesses from spreading and dirt and debris from piling up. From restocking disposable items to collecting trash and recycling, we have a large checklist of daily tasks we would be happy to take care of for you. This list includes items that keep your area organized and free of visible grime and include; vacuuming and disinfecting floors and other horizontal surfaces and cleaning glass. Our daily offerings can be scheduled at any time to compliment your work hours and minimize any downtime. Select only the tasks you need to be completed—when you need them.

A Deeper Weekly Cleaning Service

Motivated by keeping your working personnel and clients healthy and safe, weekly cleaning service is designed to improve the health and safety of your premises by eliminating germs and reducing the possibility of the spread of sicknesses. These tasks include; buffing, carpet spot cleaning, window washing, dusting, kitchen appliance disinfection and much more.

Monthly Cleaning Service Extends the Lifetime of Your Investment

Where daily and weekly professional cleaning services are intended to keep staff and guests safe, monthly cleaning service is more focused on keeping your property in excellent condition. Monthly cleaning duties include parking lot cleanups, air duct and vent cleaning, carpet cleaning and re-waxing of hard surfaces.

Get in touch with Temecula’s experienced scheduled cleaners today. We want to know more about your building management and disease control initiatives, so we can serve you better.